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Flávia P
Flávia P
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Better Engagement

Deliver a better experience to employees that drive higher engagement and more impact

Increase Reach & Scale

Empower more employees & expand the reach of your programs

Easy to Use

Leverage our beautiful interface, expertise and support of the Customer Success team and our lightweight and secure IT approach

Measure & Achieve Goals

Connect and deliver on employee engagement & DEI goals

Save Time, Resources and Budget

Save the IT and team costs and inefficiencies that result in a home-grown, in-house tool

Core Use Cases

Use Case



Accelerate the time to belonging, productivity and culture through relationships, networks and mentoring.

Employee Engagement & Culture

Connectivity through networks and relationships directly increases employee engagement.


Connecting employees for 1:1 mentoring to build skills and competencies.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Helping accelerate the development and careers of diverse employees & allies.

Early in Career

Connecting new entry-level talent to peers and full-timers in the company to drive conversion and retention.

Talent & Leadership Development

Developing and growing priority, high potential and people manager talent.

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