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How To Join a Hub

Flávia P
Flávia P
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Q: How do I find a hub when signing up?

A: When signing up you will be given the option to select a hub to join in the onboarding process. There may be multiple hubs that show up depending on each individual community and what unique hubs they have available. Each hub also offers its own roles, offers/wants and goal.


Q: How can I join a new hub?

A: After initially singing up a member can look at the other available hubs by selecting the drop down menu next to their current hub's name. There is an option to 'Find other Hubs' which will lead the member to all other available hubs. Some communities may not have more than one hub.


Q: What does it mean to be 'invited to join a Hub'?

A: When a member is invited to join a hub it means that they are being invited to become a member of a hub directly. By following the invitation link, you will be admitted to a hub.


Q: What does it mean when your membership is pending/ does not have the credentials to join?

A: Certain hubs require members to have particular emails or to have been invited into them. As such, members cannot immediately join them. Pending memberships are typically reviewed by admins every 2-3 months.

Schools often require their members use their academic emails for easy entry into their hubs. If a member does not have the credentials to join this refers to stricter restrictions on a hub.

If you are alerted that you do not have the credentials to join a hub that you believe you belong to please reach out to our help desk at

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