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How to Schedule a Coffee Chat

Flávia P
Flávia P
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How to efficiently arrange a coffee chat with your Ten Thousand Coffees match! Also, how to follow-up if you get no response.

Use This Script to Schedule a Coffee Chat

Hi [Their Name], 

I’d love to grab coffee with you to connect with you and chat about the stuff you’ve been working on!
How’s next [day], say at [time]? I’m also free [second date and time].

Hope to hear from you,

– [Your Name]

After you’ve confirmed a time and place, suggest a place to meet. Any popular coffee shop will work great!

Hi [Their Name],

How about meeting at the Starbucks on 621 King St W?

– [Your Name] 


How to Follow-Up If You Don't Hear Back

First, never assume the worst if someone doesn’t reply back immediately. People are busy, have different schedules than you, and losing track of email is human. Keep in mind many people receive up to 100 emails a day, so there’s a good chance your email just got lost in their inbox.

When following up, the idea is to avoid blaming them and making it easy for them to reply. For example:

Hi [Their Name], just following up. 

I imagine your inbox must be flooded, so I didn’t want this to fall through the cracks…
How’s [suggested date and time] for you?”

– [Your Name] 

Inspired by Adam Dachis & Lily Herman



Watch how to suggest a time to meet!

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