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What to Do After a Coffee Chat

Flávia P
Flávia P
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Two quick tips to build a long-term relationship with your match.

First, send a thank-you email right after the meeting. Pro tip: Have a draft ready to go before you head out to the meeting!

Second, make a plan for how you'll keep in touch long-term. Some easy options:

  • Check their social media and leave a comment.

  • Congratulate them if they share any big career milestones (like a promotion or award)

  • Share any articles or stories you think they might care about (this should be easy to do if you listened during the coffee!)

  • Ask them during your meeting if there's anything they would recommend you read, watch, or listen to get better at your profession. Then after reading, watching, or listening what they recommend, share what you learned with them.

Inspired by Lily Herman.

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