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SSO Integration Member Experience

Emily B
Emily B
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Improve access to 10KC with SSO

Improve user experience. No need to hop between multiple login URLs, or reset passwords.


Mitigate security risks. SSO login can be used on any device, in any web browser, without risking security.


Increase adoption rates. SSO increases the chance that employees will adopt 10KC platform and keep returning for more, ensuring they remain productive.

Why turn on SSO? Simple… easy, secure access

Automated onboarding. Employee business card information such as email address, first name, and last name are pulled directly from your SSO platform ensuring smooth onboarding.


Helps with security and regulatory compliance. SSO acts as a central authentication point. It’s effective access reporting and secure file sharing helps to lower the chances of phishing or malware attacks.


Increased productivity. Research shows that employees switch between 10-25 apps a day. With SSO, employees sign-in once eliminating the need for multiple logins.


Data control. HR & IT control employees access to 10KC account via their SSO platform. Once employee is off-boarded their account is also removed, ensure data accuracy.

How it Works

  1. Go to {CompanyName}
  2. Click on Single-Sign-On button.
  3. Automatically login to 10KC.

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