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How to increase program adoption and engagement with 10KC and MS teams

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Emily B
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Bring 10KC and MS Teams together and give employees access to development opportunities that will help shape their careers.

Integrating with MS Teams allows members to easily connect to their match, chat, schedule their meetings, call and receive reminder and feedback notifications in the same group chat.

How to set it up

You only need to install the MS Teams integration once to get all its functionality across your workspace.

Step 1: Get the 10KC app

This will be shared via email as a .zip file.

Step 2: Upload the 10KC app in Microsoft Teams admin center

  1. Login to Microsoft Teams admin center. You must be a Global or MS Teams administrator.

  2. Navigate to Teams apps > Manage apps. Then click on + Upload new app.

  3. Upload the 10KC MS Teams app.

  4. Once the app is installed, 10KC Bot will show up under your apps list.

  5. Click on 10KC Bot and accept the following org-wide permissions by clicking on the Review permissions button:

    • Read all groups

    • Read all app catalogs

    • Read the names and descriptions of channels

    • Read the members of all channels

    • Allow the Teams app to manage itself for all users

    • Create chats

    • Allow the Teams app to manage itself for all chats

    • Sign in and read user profile

Step 3: Share your Azure AD Tenant ID with 10KC

How to find your Tenant ID.

Step 4: Share your Team and Channel Name with 10KC

  • Share the name of the Team and Channel that will be used for your 10KC Program.

  • If you aren’t sure, consult with the Owner of your 10KC Program to determine which Channel should be used.

  • Below is an example. “General” is the name of the channel and “10KC” is the name of the Team.

Step 5: Test it out!

10KC will provide next steps for testing the MS Teams Integration via email or in a meeting.

Security Considerations

Microsoft Partner Network

10KC is a verified Microsoft Partner with access to benefits like comprehensive technical extensibility and secure foundation to build robust solutions for our customers.

Security Measures

10KC has strict security policies and we follow all best practices like annual pen-testing, annual internal audit, third party SOC2 audit and aligning with regional data privacy requirements.

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