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MS Teams FAQs

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Q. Is it possible for a user to receive a Ten Thousand Coffees (10KC) notification in Microsoft Teams if they are not part of the channel linked to their 10KC hub?

A. No. Users cannot receive Ten Thousand Coffees (10KC) notifications in Microsoft Teams if they are not members of the channel associated with their 10KC hub. To ensure users receive all relevant notifications, they must join the channel connected to their 10KC hub.

Q. Does MS Teams integration work at the hub level?

A. Yes, a 10KC tenant admin will need to connect each hub to a unique MS Teams channel.

Q. What notifications do users receive in MS Teams? 

A. If the MS Teams integrations is enabled, members will receive all major communications in Teams.

For the Development Programs feature these: invite, match, meeting touchpoint, surveys, summary, feedback notifications.

For Introductions feature these include: match, reminder, and feedback notifications.

For the Office Hours feature these include: New event posted, event updated, user feedback survey, host feedback survey, host selected, and event editor selected notifications.


Q. Can users opt-out of receiving Teams notifications?

A: Yes. A user can opt-out by leaving the Teams channel that is connected to your 10KC hub. If they do this, the platform will go back to sending communications via email. 

For future Development Programs and Introductions, users will be matched with other users who are not in the Teams channel. In other words, they will be matched the pool of other users who are opted-in to receiving email notifications only.

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