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Slack Integration Member Experience

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Slack chat allows employees to claim their program invitation faster, share resources anytime and connect across departments, offices and time zones - allowing them to grow their skills together.


Member Experience

Creating an account on Ten Thousand Coffees

Slack users without 10KC accounts will receive a notification in the Slack app from the Ten Thousand Coffees app to claim their account.

Slack users with existing 10KC accounts will receive a notification from the Ten Thousand Coffees app that they’ve successfully enrolled in a Slack channel connected to 10KC.



Less administrative work. No need to send multiple email campaigns to invite employees to 10KC platform.

Faster engagement. Colleagues respond and book a meeting with their smart-match more quickly.

Higher adoption. Employees can claim their invitation in Slack and complete the onboarding process without having to dig through their email inbox.

More feedback: Users report increased belonging and understanding in their role and role of others within the organization



For every round of Introductions, members are connected to a colleague in a group chat, right in Slack. Members also receive reminder notifications in the same group chat

  1. Add employees to a Slack channel and enroll them into 10KC experiences.

  2. Employees start receive regular introductions to colleagues. Including reminders and feedback nudges. Every introduction will start a new conversation between employees.

  3. Employees can book meetings directly from Slack.

    1. Outlook calendar

    2. Google calendar

The Ten Thousand Coffees App will privately ask members to leave a final round of feedback at the end of each round of introductions.

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Office Hours

Employees also start receiving notifications to sign-up for Office Hours events, including leaving feedback for hosts.

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Development Programs

Development Programs are not currently available for users through the Ten Thousand Coffees App on Slack.

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