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Slack Integration Member Experience

Emily B
Emily B
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Slack chat allow employees to claim their program invitation faster, share resources anytime and connect across departments, offices and time zones - allowing them to grow their skills together.


Less administrative work. No need to send multiple email campaigns to invite employees to 10KC platform.

Faster engagement. Colleagues respond and book a meeting with their smart-match more quickly.

Higher adoption. Employees can claim their invitation in Slack and complete the onboarding process without having to dig through their email inbox.

More feedback: Users report increased belonging and understanding in their role and role of others within the organization



  1. Add employees to a Slack channel and enroll them into 10KC experiences.

  2. Employees start receive regular introductions to colleagues. Including reminders and feedback nudges.

  3. Employees can book meetings directly from Slack.

    1. Outlook calendar

    2. Google calendar

Office Hours

Employees also start receiving notifications to sign-up for Office Hours events, including leaving feedback for hosts.

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