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Slack Integration Setup Guide

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Connecting Ten Thousand Coffees To your Slack

  1. Contact your CSM and let them know that you are interested in using the 10KC Slack integration, they will enable the ability to add the slack integration on your tenant from the backend.

  2. Login to 10KC as a tenant admin and go to Integration Settings. The URL will be
  3. Under “Messaging Integration” click on “Install Slack”. A menu will then be present to enable the Slack application via button press. The Ten Thousand Coffees integration uses Slack OAuth to request authentication and authorization for use with your Slack community. The person requesting installation of the slack app must have the following permissions in both systems:


  4. Selecting the button to install the application will launch the OAuth authentication menu from slack (Detailed permissions shown in the permissions section of this document).

  5. Pressing Allow will follow several redirects requested for authentication. Once the redirects have completed, you should be navigated back to the tenant administrative “Settings” page. Upon successful installation you should see a green checkmark below to the Slack logo as shown below. Slack is now integrated with Ten Thousand Coffees, but still needs to be connected to a Ten Thousand Coffees Hub.

  6. To connect to your preferred Ten Thousand Coffees Hub, navigate to your company Slack. Here you can create a new Channel or use an existing Channel to sync all the users to the preferred Hub. Invite the Ten Thousand Coffees bot into the Channel by `@mention`-ing it. Only those with emails that are admins in the Ten Thousand Coffees tenant can access this. 
  7. Once the bot has been added, `@mention` it again. A message will appear with a drop down, allowing you to select which Hub you would like to connect to. Select the Hub and the syncing process will begin right away. For Usage, please see the usage section of this document.
    Screenshot 2024-04-10 at 10.11.06 AM.png


When Ten Thousand Coffees and Slack are connected together, Ten Thousand Coffees must be told which channels it should be connected to.

  • Hub Management

    • Inviting the Ten Thousand Coffees application to a Slack channel will connect a Ten Thousand Coffees hub to the Slack channel. This can be done using the `@mention` functionality in Slack. The account connecting a Ten Thousand Coffees hub to a Slack Channel must have administrative privileges on the Ten Thousand Coffees application.

    • Connecting a Ten Thousand Coffees hub to a Slack channel will keep members in sync, the first time the channel is added it will create or associate every user within the Slack channel to a corresponding Ten Thousand Coffees account.

  • Member Management

    • Adding members to the connected Slack channel will pre-authenticate the user to the Ten Thousand Coffees program. They will receive a message on Slack to complete their profile and onboard them to the program.

    • Members leaving the Slack channel or being removed from Slack entirely will disable their Ten Thousand Coffees accounts. This may cause members of the community to be rematched as their introduction may no longer be available.

  • Messaging

    • Introduction messages (including a reminder message), will be delivered through Slack messages. A two-way message will be created between introduction participants, giving context and guides to help with starting the conversation and with scheduling. By default the users will be presented with the ability to add an event to Google Calendar, Outlook, or Office 365.

    • Introduction feedback will be collected via a direct message to every individual that received an introduction. This will then prompt the user to confirm they have met with their introduction, and redirect them to the platform to collect more detailed information and provide the opportunity to give a complement to their introduction.

    • Office hour promotion will happen for each member of the channel based on the roles and custom settings through the Ten Thousand Coffees platform, but the notifications will be delivered via slack. This includes both promotion for new office hours, and notifications for when office hours have been updated.

    • When a user is first added to a Ten Thousand Coffees connected channel, they will receive a direct message welcoming them to the program, and asking them to complete their profile onboarding.

  • Slack Application Home Tab

    • All members participating in a Slack connected channel can visit the app home tab for the Ten Thousand Coffees application. It will show them which groups they are a member of, who their current introduction is, and allow them to update their profile on Ten Thousand Coffees.


The Ten Thousand Coffees application needs permissions to create messages, read messages, read channel members and information, and learn details about users. All information retrieved from Slack that is maintained within Ten Thousand Coffees is in compliance as outlined in our SOC2 report.

OAuth Scopes

All scopes are Bot Token Scopes.

OAuth Scopes



View messages that directly mention @ten_thousand_coffees in conversations that the app is in


View messages and other content in public channels that Ten Thousand Coffees has been added to


Join public channels in a workspace


Manage public channels that Ten Thousand Coffees has been added to and create new ones


View basic information about public channels in a workspace


Send messages as @ten_thousand_coffees


View messages and other content in private channels that Ten Thousand Coffees has been added to


View basic information about private channels that Ten Thousand Coffees has been added to


Manage private channels that Ten Thousand Coffees has been added to and create new ones


View messages and other content in direct messages that Ten Thousand Coffees has been added to


View basic information about direct messages that Ten Thousand Coffees has been added to


Start direct messages with people


View messages and other content in group direct messages that Ten Thousand Coffees has been added to


Start group direct messages with people


View the name, email domain, and icon for workspaces Ten Thousand Coffees is connected to


View profile details about people in a workspace


View people in a workspace

View email addresses of people in a workspace


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