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Automate user management by connecting with 10KC

Emily B
Emily B
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  1. Employees can get added to 10KC as they get added to your HRIS application.

  2. Employees deleted from your HRIS application are automatically removed from the 10KC platform.

  3. When employee profiles are updated in your HRIS, their 10KC profiles also get updated.

How it Works - Profile Creation

10KC Receives HRIS Profiles

Michaela is hired by CompanyCo. CompanyCo’s HRIS creates her profile and pushes it to the 10KC platform instantly* via API or Flat File via SFTP.

Hub Admins Send Bulk Invites

10KC hub admins can invite Michaela and other employees by using Bulk Invite feature. In your hub menu, navigate to Invite Members > Bulk invite. Click on "Start export from HRIS". You will be emailed a bulk invites CSV template that is pre-filled with HRIS or User Directory profile data. Simply upload completed bulk invites CSV to send invites.

Members Receive Talent Experiences

Michaela gets access to connections she needs to succeed from day 1, with an invitation to 10KC in her email inbox.

Why streamline profile creation?

Simple… better onboarding experience

Higher adoption.

Automatic profile creation ensures faster discovery of your program by employees; increasing adoption and a sense of belonging from the start date.

Save time onboarding.

Reduce time spent setting up new employee accounts. Profile created in HRIS is automatically created in 10KC.

Increase retention.

Embedding development into employee workflow from day 1 ensures they’re less likely to leave for a new opportunity within first 45 days on the job.

Unify employee experience.

Organizations with strong onboarding practices improve employee retention by 82%.

How it Works - Profile Deletion

HRIS Profile deletion

Michaela leaves CompanyCo. CompanyCo’s HRIS instantly* alerts 10KC to delete Michaela’s 10KC profile via API or Flat File via SFTP.

10KC Profile deletion

10KC deactivates Michaela’s account.

Why automate profile deletion?

Simple… no more unused licenses

Reduce license waste.

Ensure you’re only paying for active employees and not unused licenses.

Better matches.

Maximize program outcomes by only matching employed people, never those who have left the company.

Easily track retention.

Measure how engagement with your program impacts employee retention.

Set it and go.

No need for costly IT audits. Automatic syncing ensures employees are deleted from the 10KC platform when deleted from HRIS.

How it Works - Profile Updates

HRIS Profile Update

Michaela gets a promotion. CompanyCo’s HRIS updates Michaela’s profile and pushes it to the 10KC platform instantly* via API or Flat File via SFTP.

10KC User Experience Update

Michaela’s 10KC profile is updated. She starts to receive matches based on her new job function & location.

Please note at the moment we only support automatic updates for profile fields used to generate matches (roles and custom segments).

We only automatically update values for fields that are provided via a data mapping table. A data mapping table allows us to match fields from your HRIS/User Directory system to member profiles fields on 10KC.

We do not support automatic updates for fields like job title, but this is on our product roadmap.

10KC Real-time Reporting

Michaela’s program outcomes are accurately reflected in HR’s data dashboard.

Why automate profile updates?

Simple… better employee experience

High-quality matches.

Employees continue to receive the most relevant matches based on their updated location, role and development goals.

Better adoption & engagement.

More accurate data enables employees to directly tie their success back to interactions ensuring more engagement.

More accurate data.

Eliminate account duplication and additional licenses by allowing employees to keep the same account as they move through the organization.

Measure & achieve your goals.

Tie every interaction back to talent goals and collect insights in real-time to achieve measurable results.



* For API-based RHSI integrations, we receive alerts every 30 to 60 minutes.

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