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Email Delivery Instructions

Emily B
Emily B
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As we launch 10KC to your employees, it’s important that they are able to receive emails from the platform. Please forward below instructions to your IT team to ensure high deliverability rate for 10KC emails :

  1. Add the following to your IT allow lists:

    • Email Domains




    • Mail Sending Domain

    • Dedicated IP Address



  2. Consider if any of the below apply and may compromise email deliverability:

    • Filtering and/or safe lists on the email server (e.g. Brightmail)

    • Filtering and/or safe lists on the email client (e.g. Outlook, Gmail)

    • Email throttling

    • Warning messages or content filters (i.e. Malware protection such as FireEye)

    • Browser Local Storage blocking

    • Propagation delays

    • Google CDN Storage Bucket blocking

    • Email processors that may prevent one-use links from being accessed

    • Email processors that may contribute to email headers being changed (e.g. In-Reply-To)

    • Anti-spam triggers

    • Note: if your users access web services using an AWS VPN there may cause email link resolution issues.

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