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Reporting a Conversation

Emily B
Emily B
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When a user reports a conversation it is due to the conversation having inappropriate or offensive material within it or has material that breaks our Terms of Service.


Reporting a conversation sends a report to the Ten Thousand Coffees team so that we can investigate and take appropriate action based on the conversation.

Similar to blocking a conversation, reporting also prohibits further conversation between users.


How to report a conversation with a User

  1. Start by opening the conversation with the User you want to report. At the top right corner of the screen select the three dots.
    Step 1.png

  2. From the dropdown list select Report.
    how to report Step 2.png

  3. Lastly, a window will pop up and ask you to confirm you are sure you want to report this message as inappropriate. Once you click Submit the conversation will be reported and an investigation will be conducted.
    How to report step 3.png

Watch this video to see how it is done!


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