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How to create/publish an Office Hour as an Admin

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👥 Target Audience: Admins

Office Hours are a great way to bring small groups and leaders together for high-impact conversations around important topics like diversity and inclusion, career development or subject matter expertise.

And creating one is easy. Here’s a quick overview of how to create, publish and manage an Office Hour using Ten Thousand Coffees.

Creating an Office Hour

  1. To create a new Office Hour event, head over to the Office Hour tab of your hub. Once you’re there, click on the “+” sign in the top, right-hand corner to get started.
  2. Pick a Quick Start template to begin or you can also start one from scratch.

  3. Next, fill in your event details, which includes the following:
  • Who's hosting?
    • Host: the name of the person who will be hosting the event. If you're an admin make sure to put the host's name here, not your name.
    • Event editors: Event editors can edit the event, see and approve attendees, and download event feedback.
  • What's the Office Hour about?
    • Event title: one of the most important parts of your event description. Capture the attention of potential Office Hour participants with an event title that tells them the type of event it is, topics you'll cover and the hostname.
    • Event description: an overview of what event participants can expect to gain from the Office Hour. Include details like a professional bio for the host, the number of seats available, and themes you’ll be discussing.
  • When is the Office Hour?
    • Select Date and Time.
    • If it applies, check the box Make it recurring. You'll be prompted to select the frequency details for the recurring event.
  • How can members register?
    • Registration type: Select how you'd like to handle RSVPs for your event. You have two RSVP options to choose from:
      • First come, First Served where registration remains open until the maximum amount of seats available have been filled. Any additional RSVPs are added to a waitlist. If a confirmed attendee cancels their RSVP, we'll automatically add the next person on the waitlist.
      • Select from Registration List: The admin can review the list manually to approve attendees. This should only be used for specific events where attendance is restricted by location, group etc.
    • Available spots: Confirm the total number of participants that can attend the event. Registrations over the limit will be added to the waitlist.
    • Add a question for participants: Check this box to add a RSVP Question. This is the opportunity to ask every attendee a question when they RSVP. Use this to learn more about what they'd like to hear from the host.
⭐️ Pro Tip: This is a great way to shape your discussion and engage your attendees. We recommend using this feature to make sure everyone gets the most out of the event. We'll share a download of all questions received with the host before their Office Hour.
  • Where will people meet?
    • Hosting method: a spot for you to select which meeting tool you'll use for the event and drop dial-in details.
    • Joining info: Include details for joining the Office Hour event, such as the video link or call instructions. If the event is in person, provide directions. This info is only visible to confirmed attendees.
  • Additional information: Check the Add a long description box to provide more information about the Office Hour. In this section, you can format your text, add hyperlinks, images, and videos.
  • Target audience
    • In this section, you can invite people to register for your event via email and platform notifications. Please note that hub members who turned off notifications for Office Hours will not be notified.
    • Private event: If this option is toggled, only invited members can see and register for the event.
    • Select hub members to invite: One or more of the following options can be selected.
      • All Members in "Your Hub's Name": Everyone in the hub will be targeted.
      • Email: Type or paste in email addresses.
      • Profile Attributes: Target your audience using Profile attributes or Private segments (only visible to admins).

Publishing an Office Hour

Now that all of your event details have been added, click the Publish Event button in the bottom right-hand corner to publish the Office Hour event.

Note: If you're not an admin, click the Request Event button instead. A program admin will be prompted to review and publish your event.

Confirming Participants

If you've selected "Select from Registration List" as your event's registration type, you can view a list of attendees who registered and manually approve those who will attend. This feature allows you to control and limit attendance for specific events as needed.

  1. Navigate to the Office Hour tab in your hub and select your event.
  2. Click See all attendees in the Attendees list section to review the registered participants.
  3. Review the list of attendees and check the boxes next to the participants who will attend. 
  4. Click Confirm List when selections are complete.
  5. Confirm the number of participants to proceed.

After initial confirmation, attendees will be listed as Approved, Not-Selected, or Cancelled.

Before all available spots are filled, you can confirm more participants by: 

  1. In the Office Hour page, click See all attendees.
  2. Click Add participants to view pending attendees.
  3. Review and select additional participants.
  4. Click Confirm List to proceed.
  5. Confirm the total number of participants, including previously confirmed attendees.

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