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How to Share an office hour

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Once you hit "Publish event" you'll be given a chance to send out an email to members to let them know about your upcoming Office Hour. You can share your event with all program members, or target your event to specific members based on things like their role, location or interests.

After you've selected who you'd like to share your event with, click the final "Publish button. Now your Office Hour event has been added to your Office Hours page and emails have been sent out.

Note: You can opt not to email program members about your Office Hour. In this case, your Office Hour will be added to your Office Hour page, and no email notifications will be sent out.


Pro tip: You can also share your event with non-members using our RSVP link. Generate an event link and share it in newsletters, messaging platforms, or intranet articles. We'll guide any non-members through a modified onboarding flow so they can access the event.


That's it. We'll automatically manage RSVPs, collect participant questions to share with the host, and gather feedback to share in your admin dashboard, so you measure the impact of your Office Hour.

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