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Creating and sharing an Office Hour event link

Flávia P
Flávia P
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What we’ll cover:

  • Creating and sharing an Office Hour RSVP link

  • How non-members can register for an Office Hour event

Office Hour events are a great way to bring leaders and small groups together for high-impact conversations. And now you can easily create and share your Office Hour event with anyone in your organization—even if they’re not current members of your Ten Thousand Coffees community.


How it works

1. Create your Office Hour event


Log in to Ten Thousand Coffees and head over to the Office Hour section of your admin profile. Create your Office Hour event using one of our quick start formats or get creative with a custom event of your own. Once the details look good, click “Publish”.

2. Generate your Office Hour event registration link


Go to your Office Hour event page. Click “Generate an event link” to get your event RSVP link.

3. Share your event


Now you’re ready to share your event. Copy your event registration link and include it in event promotion emails, MS Teams or Slack messages, intranet articles, newsletters or ERG homepages to boost attendance and participation for your Office Hour.



What happens when a non-member registers for an Office Hour event?

We’ll take them through a modified user registration flow so they can easily join your event in just a few clicks. If a non-member clicks on your RSVP link we’ll:

1. Ask them to share their name and email address


2. Have them confirm their email address


3. Prompt them to complete their event RSVP


That’s it, they’re in. They’ll now be active Ten Thousand Coffees members. Note that any employee who joins your community through Office Hours will not:

  • Show up in the member's section of your community until they opt-in.

  • Receive messages from other members until they opt-in.

  • Receive introductions unless they opt-in from their introductions timeline (we're working on an email flow that will make this even easier).

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