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Q. Do you support group matching in development programs?

A. Yes. 10KC supports group matching in development programs. You can read more about it in our article on smart-matching.


Q. How does “both” in role selection work?

A. If a member chooses “both” as an option in development program onboarding, then they can be either a mentor, or a mentee or both a mentor and a mentee in the mentorship program.


Q. How will we determine when the participant is a mentor and when they are a mentee if they have selected both?

A. In the “Smart-matches” tab of the development program config, the mentors are listed on the left side and mentees on the right side to easily differentiate the two roles. We also support match-level roles so you can specific who should be a mentor and who should be a mentee in a pair.


Q. How does “preferred match” work? What happens when most mentees pick some mentors e.g. senior leaders?

A. Preferred match selection only increases chances to be matched with preferred members but it does not guarantee that the members will be matched with their preferred matches. Also note that only "Confirmed" participants in the dev pro show up in the preferred matches search.


Q. Is there a limit on the match capacity for mentors?

A. Even though you can set match capacity as 10, 10KC recommends mentors to not take on more than 3 mentees in the mentorship program so it's easier to manage ongoing relationships.


Q. How do email notifications for mentors with more than one mentee work?

A. If group matching is enabled, the mentor and mentees receive the same smart-matching and session emails. However, the feedback survey emails are unique to the pair so they receive separate feedback emails.


Q. Is there a way to turn off the ability for program-based matching and use custom / private segments to match members?

A. Yes, program based mentor matching can be turned off in “Smart-matches > Edit pairing rules” config screen and custom / private segments can be used to match participants instead.


Q. Is there a way to turn off group matching?

A. Yes, as admin of the program you have the ability to turn off group matching in the “Settings” config screen in the development program


Q. If mentors have selected that they can take up more than one mentee, does it guarantee multiple matches?

A. No. This is because our match-making algorithm first ensures that all mentors have at least one mentee before assigning multiple mentees to a mentor.


Q. If there is a surplus of mentees, how does the system choose and notify which mentors will take up multiple mentees?

A. During the smart matching step, the system will find out which mentors have opted in to have multiple mentees, check their mentee capacity and then assign multiple mentees based on different criteria like program's pairing rules, common goals and interests etc.



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