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Emily B
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Q. How should I connect with my introduction?

A. That is totally up to you! We recommend connecting over whichever virtual meeting tools you are comfortable with or the old-fashioned telephone. If you’re meeting through video, be sure to keep your camera on so you’re engaged!

Q. What do I do if I don’t think my introduction is relevant?

A. It’s easy to jump to conclusions. But, you never know what you might learn from a new introduction. Even if you think your introduction may not be relevant, connect anyways! Chances are you’ll share more in common than you think. Who knows, maybe your expertise and experience will help them learn something new. If you truly believe your connection is not a good match, consider updating your goals and interests on your profile.

Q. Why do I need to add goals and interests to my profile?

A. To get the most relevant matches 10KC will use the goals and interests you select to determine who you’ll be matched with. The more personal and detailed your goals and interests, the more tailored your experience will be.

Q. How can I learn between Introductions?

A. Check out the Office Hours section of the platform to find out about upcoming group mentorship conversations hosted by alumni, employers and subject matter experts. In addition, use the Member Directory to search for mentors based on their profiles and interests and easily connect to learn more about them.

Q. How will these connections contribute to my career development?

A. Each opportunity to meet 1:1 or in a group will build your network, knowledge and mentorship and career skills. In addition, you'll receive an official LinkedIn certificate to recognize your commitment to mentorship and career-building experiences that you can share.

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