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How to search and find members in your community directory

Emily B
Emily B
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How to search and filter through community members

If you’d like to reach out to specific members of your 10KC community, you can easily find and connect with colleagues using your member directory.

First, head over to the Members section of your hub. Once you’re there you can easily search for specific members, or narrow down your search using your filters.

You can filter members by their role, location, goals, interests or anything else in their profile.

How to start a conversation with a community member

Once you’ve found someone you’d like to reach out to, simply click on their profile. From here you can hit “Say Hello” to send a personal message to their inbox. Once you hit "Send Message" they’ll receive an email to let them know you’d like to start a conversation.


Note: You’ll only be able to search and message 10KC community members who have opted in to receive messages from other members.

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