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Accessing 10KC with Single Sign On (SSO)

Emily B
Emily B
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What is Single Sign On (SSO)?

Single Sign On (SSO) offers easier log in access to your 10KC Community. If SSO has been enabled by your work or school, it allows for easy one-click sign-on if you are already logged into your work or school account.

To access SSO, go to your 10KC Community URL {tenantname} and click on the SSO sign in button.

If you have trouble logging in with SSO, please send us a message at with the email address you are trying to login with as well as a link to your 10KC community.

How do you know if you can log in with SSO?

If you are not seeing the same log in page which you would use to log into your work/school accounts, your employer or school may have not set up SSO login. In this case, please ensure you are logging into the correct URL address or enter your email address to receive your passwordless login link.

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