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Viewing participant feedback for a Development Program

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👥 This article is for development program admins and managers.

This guide will walk you through on how to see the results of development program feedback surveys to find out what participants are saying about their pairings, sessions and overall program. There are two ways you can view feedback within a development program:

  • Feedback Surveys
  • Participant Activity

 Pro Tip: In Feedback Surveys, you can see Sentiment Scores which give a quick view of the sentiment of the participant feedback (i.e. if it's Positive, Neutral or Negative). Click here to learn more.

 Pro Tip: In Feedback Surveys, you can also find reasons why some members are not completing their program sessions using Skipped Session Feedback. Click here to learn more.

Feedback Surveys

  1. Go to Manage programs under Development programs and click on the development program you want to see the participant feedback for.


  2. Click on Surveys tab to see a list of all participant surveys and click on the three dots to view survey results.


  3. This will open up the survey drawer where you can see participant feedback overview for all sessions. Click on any session to see feedback for a particular session.


  4. You can also click on the Compliments tab to see what compliments the participants have left for each other. The participants are made aware that these compliments are shared with the program managers. Survey (1).pngSurvey (2).png
  5. Click on Participants tab to see who has submitted feedback for that session and who hasn’t.


  6. Use the 🔔 bell icon to send an email reminder to the participants who haven’t submitted session feedback

Participant Activity

  1. Click on Smart-matches tab and then click on any participant profile image

  2. You will be able to see the activity of the participant in the development program including the feedback they have submitted for the sessions

Sentiment Score

Sentiment scores will allow you to review the participant feedback quickly to gather actionable insights. Sentiment scores are available under each session's feedback.

leo.10kbeans.com_hub_10kcdemo-community_manage-programs_6494d4236e4517461b718241_surveys(10kc screens).png

If the score is not displayed automatically, click on the Calculate button and wait for a few seconds to generate it.

leo.10kbeans.com_hub_10kcdemo-community_manage-programs_6494d4236e4517461b718241_surveys(10kc screens) (1).png

Clicking on the score will show you the definition of different types scores. Please note that the examples in the pop-up are just for reference and not real feedback from your program surveys.

leo.10kbeans.com_hub_10kcdemo-community_manage-programs_6494d4236e4517461b718241_surveys(10kc screens) (2).png

If you click into any of the session, you can also sort the feedback from "most positive to most negative" and vice versa.

leo.10kbeans.com_hub_10kcdemo-community_manage-programs_6494d4236e4517461b718241_surveys(10kc screens) (3).png

10KC uses advanced qualitative feedback analysis techniques to score each piece of feedback and then generates an average score for the entire session which is displayed on the screen.

Skipped Session Feedback

This feedback from participants will allow you to find out why some members are not completing their program sessions. The question comes with the following default options (not customizable) and also an "Other" option where participants and leave free-form feedback.

  • We have scheduled a meeting in the future
  • I messaged them but did not get a response
  • They were not available to meet
  • I am not available to meet
  • Not interested in the session topic
  • I don’t understand what I’m supposed to do
  • Other (free-form feedback)



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