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Introducing 10KC

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10KC is the only all-in-one platform for inclusive mentoring and networking.

What is 10KC?

We build your internal network by connecting you with peers, mentors, and leaders who can help you reach your career development goals.

Our Smart Match algorithm means you're automatically connected with people who have similar interests and goals.

How do I join?

It’s easy! You’ll receive an invite directly to your inbox. Simply click the link to enroll and set up your profile. Details like your name, email address, and role will be pre-populated. Add your goals and interests and you’re ready for your first match!

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of 10KC users report their match being a valuable connection.


Why should I join?

✔️ New career insights 

✔️ Better understand how your organization works

✔️ Feel more effective in your role

✔️ Uncover cross-team collaboration opportunities

✔️ Feel more connected to your colleagues

✔️ Learn about different career paths

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88% of participants said 10KC helped them make progress towards their development goals.

Tips to get the best matches

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The more detailed your goals and interests, the more tailored your experience and matches will be. 


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