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Crafting an attention-grabbing elevator pitch

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What is an elevator pitch and why do I need one?

An elevator pitch is a concise way to communicate who you are in a way that creates a memorable first impression with someone new. Once it’s ready, you can use it to introduce yourself whenever the opportunity arises.


What should I include in my elevator pitch?

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Who you are: Start off with a short and relevant introduction. Let the person you’re meeting know your name, role, and any brief context you want to highlight.

What you do: Next, share 1-2 highlights of your skills or experience. Be specific but save the details for another time.

What you can do: You’ve set the stage with what you’ve done, now tell them what’s next for you. This will let the other person know your interests, understand your goals, and see how they might fit into this picture.

Then, if it feels appropriate:

Call to action: Have an ask ready. This can be something small like adding you on LinkedIn or something a little more involved. Make sure it’s not too big — remember, you just met.

Show an interest: Ask them to share more about themself too.

Tips for crafting your elevator pitch

Keep it short: Make sure it’s about 30 seconds to 1 minute, maximum.

Be clear: Plan the key points to nail your message. Tailor it to your audience: Have a few variations of your pitch ready so you can highlight the most relevant aspects, depending on who you’re meeting.

Practice: You only get one shot at a first impression, so practice and make adjustments until you’re comfortable and confident delivering your pitch.

Follow up: Reach out to your new contact through email or LinkedIn reminding them of how you met and thank them for speaking with you.

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