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Tips to make every conversation count

Becky L
Becky L
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We’ve rounded up our top tips to get the most out of every introduction — from what to do when an introduction hits your inbox to what to talk about and how you can stay connected after you’ve met.


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Reply right away

Don’t wait for your match to coordinate. Reply with a quick hello and a few suggested times to get the conversation started.


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Be prepared

Every introduction will come with suggested conversation starters, so it’s easy to break the ice. Take a look at them before you meet so you’re ready to get the most out of your conversation.




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Keep your video on

It’s easier to stay engaged when you can see each other. Keep your video on so you stay focused on your conversation—not replying to an email or getting distracted by a notification.


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Introduce yourself

Let your match know more about who you are, what you’ve been working on, and how long you’ve been with the organization to kick things off.




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Let your guard down

Meeting someone new can be nerve-wracking. But it doesn’t have to be. Treat this like a casual, open, welcoming conversation.


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Stay focused

It can be tempting to finish up an email or check a notification during your chat. Turn off notifications so you’re not distracted.

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Stay connected

If you got a lot out of your introduction and want to keep the conversation going, don’t be shy. Ask your connection if they’d like to set up another coffee chat or connect with them on LinkedIn.


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Share feedback

After every introduction, you’ll be asked how it went. Share your feedback so we can learn a little more about how your conversation went. Take it one step further by paying your match a compliment.

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