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Office Hours Guide for Hosts

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Becky L
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Remove barriers between employees and senior leaders through Office Hours. As a senior leader, you can use 10KC’s Office Hour feature to have high-impact conversations on any topic with employees at your organization.


What is an Office Hour?

An Office Hour is an easy way to host two-way conversations between employees and leaders. They give participants the opportunity to participate in smaller group conversations with senior leaders.

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Why Host an Office Hour?

  • It’s an opportunity to talk about important topics with employees and have a chance to listen to their input. You can leverage the platform to have leader-led discussions on your organization's strategic initiatives.
  • Help employees connect their work to the bigger picture and feel supported by leadership
  • Reward employees by giving them time to discuss career development and mentorship opportunities

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Benefits of Hosting Regular Office Hours:

  1. Manage all your events in one place
  2. Set recurring events that you don’t need to continuously schedule
  3. Get input on conversation topics before the event
  4. Get input after the event with automated feedback surveys
  5. Grow your network and personal brand
  6. Connect employees and build their internal networks



Office Hour Templates

  • Leadership fireside
  • Career ask me anything
  • Ask an expert
  • Recruitment Show & Tell
  • Build your own

Other Office Hour Events

  • Special team event
  • Roundtables
  • Town Halls
  • Product launches
  • Company and/or industry updates
  • And more!


How Many Employees Should Participate in an Office Hour?

Office Hours are intended to be smaller and informal group conversations between employees who have mutual interests or who are seeking career advice. We recommend that Leader-led Office Hours have about 15-20 participants.


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Managing RSVPs & Wait Lists:

We’ll take care of managing RSVPs and wait lists. Just show up to your Office Hour through your event link prepared to have a great conversation without the administrative burden.

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Metrics & Feedback

  • Feedback will automatically be collected after the event by users who attended
  • You’ll be able to see what goals your Office Hour achieved. The Office Hour goals will already be aligned with the goals that your organization has set out within the 10KC platform. This makes tracking your personal leadership KPIs and team metrics easy.

How Do I Set Up an Office Hour?

Setting up an Office Hour is easy. In less than 5 minutes you can create your event. Here’s how to do it:

  1. In your hub, go to the “Office Hour” tab on the left side.
  2. Choose from one of our pre-existing templates, or click “create an event from scratch” at the top of the Office Hours page
  3. After you’ve made your selection, confirm the event details and:
    • Update the host’s name if needed
    • Confirm your event title and description
    • Choose your date & time
    • Select the number of available spots. If you want a specific audience to attend the event, put this in the event description
    • Add a registration question which will help generate ideas for the agenda and discussion
    • Add your video conferencing details
    • Add any additional event details
    • Once completed, click on the “Request Event” button. This will notify your internal 10KC administrative team to review and approve the request. Once the event is approved, you will receive a notification that it’s live and invitees will be invited from the platform.
    • If you're already a 10KC Administrator, you can immediately publish the event

Other Important Details

  • The event host will automatically be set to the profile that you are logged into
  • Events can be one-time or recurring
  • You can include an RSVP question to generate ideas for the agenda and discussion in advance
  • As the host, you’ll receive reminder emails leading up to the event that share the list of attendees and their questions. You’ll also receive some additional tips to make the most of your Office Hour event.

If you have specific questions about setting up your Office Hour, you can access our online help library here.

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