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Intro to 10KC Development Programs

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Becky L
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10KC is the only all-in-one platform for inclusive mentoring and networking.

Development Programs

Guided Conversations + Structured Curriculum with a Mentor to drive your personal development

What are Development Programs?

Guided mentorship programs help people learn the way they learn best, from other people. 10KC’s development programs offers the chance to share knowledge and collaboratively develop the skills to grow in your careers.

Once you’ve completed a development program, you’ll be able to confidently practice and apply new skills, rely on a trusted source within your organization for guidance and support, and differentiate yourself by upskilling in key areas you’d like to work on. 


Group 45 (2).pngIndividuals who take part in Mentoring programs are 5x more likely to get promoted and 5x more like to receive a raise.


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How does it work?


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 An invite will be sent directly to your inbox, simply use the link provided to claim your seat.

 Next, you’ll be matched with a colleague who can help you work towards your professional development goals.

Each session, you’ll meet with your match for 30-45 minutes to discuss a wide range of topics.

 A structured discussion guide will be sent each week before you meet, so you can make the most of your time together.

The best part? The full program will only take a few hours each month. 



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