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Finding Connections Tip Sheet

Becky L
Becky L
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Networking contributes to finding a job that meets your salary expectations and aspirations.
Some surveys have found that up to 85% of jobs are found through networking.

If you’re in a full-time career search, you should be aiming to network 2-3 times a week.
While it can be intimidating at the start, our :p sheet will walk you through how to grow your
network in an authentic way.


1. Get Social

Make sure you’ve got a solid LinkedIn profile and that you’re connected to as many people as possible. Start by adding your family and friends, followed by past classmates, professors, alumni, and colleagues. LinkedIn refers to this group as your “first-degree connections”.

2. Ask for warm connections

Reach out to your current network / first-degree connections with a customized message. Explain where you’re at in your career search and what roles and companies you’re interested in. Chat with them for career
advice and ask them to introduce you to people in their network who may be able to help you in your career search.


3. Tap into your alumni network

Your career center at school may have tips for how to get connected to alumni from your school or program. LinkedIn also allows you to search for alumni in a target company.




4. Don’t pass over entry-level professionals

Senior executives are great to meet with but often have less time (and more people asking for it!). Entry-level professionals will offer a wealth of information about their own career search, what benefited them, the interview process and more.


5. Circle back for updates

Send updates to your network regularly on the status of your search, and at the end gently
reminding them that you’re interested in speaking with anyone they think might add value to your career search.




6. Volunteering, internship, or co-op?

Networking gold mine! We can’t stress enough the importance of leveraging temporary professional experience as a networking opportunity.


7. Attend networking events

Events can be a great way to meet lots of people at once. Look for relevant alumni events from your school or check event hubs, like Eventbrite, for industry events in your area. If you attend an event, make sure you try to connect authentically with at least 2 people, follow up on LinkedIn and have a coffee chat.


Every network has to start somewhere - get out there, and start growing your’s today!

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