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Cover Letter Tip Sheet

Becky L
Becky L
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Make your cover letter count

Think of the cover letter as your head start over the competition. Done well, it can help you to
stand out from your peers and make a memorable impression on recruiters and hiring

Creating custom cover letters for every application may seem time-consuming. But trust us, it’s
worth it. Don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be a long essay. In fact, DO NOT write a long essay!
Remember, if you lack specific experience, don’t apologize – instead, highlight how excited you
are to apply your transferable skills.

Don’t simply repeat what you have captured in your resume. Instead, keep it short and sweet
but include enough about you to make employers want to meet you in person.


Before you start

  • You can find a helpful cover letter template here to get started and an example cover letter here if you need some inspiration. You can replace the writing and our instructions with your awesome accomplishments and details!
  • We recommend saving your cover letter as a PDF once everything is completed, reviewed and ready to be sent to the employer. Make sure to triple-check spelling, grammar and formatting before saving as a PDF. Tip: keep the Word document for future editing.

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