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What is an Impact Statement?

Becky L
Becky L
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An impact statement communicates the strategic value and significance your work had in a
given role. It tells the story not just of what you did, but why it mattered. Impact statements
can be used in cover letters, resumes and professional profiles to help define what you
bring to a role.

How to write an impact statement? Group 517.png

An impact statement consists of 3 components:

  1. Your skill or capability - state the skill or capability you want to write about
  2. The impact - briefly describe the impact your skill or capability had
  3. Quantification - quantify the result of your impact

Quantification is important, and should be included wherever possible! Human brains love numbers - we take them seriously. Even a number that doesn’t seem important to you can make a statement feel more impressive to the reader. For example, “presented over 10 Ames to audiences of 50-100 people last quarter” feels more impressive to a reader than “presented frequently to large audiences”.

Note that impact statements look a little bit different for chronological and skills-based resumes, so be sure to know what you’ll be writing your impact statements for. Once you’ve decided which one is right for you, apply those impact statements across your professional profile, resume and cover letters.


Chronological impact statement examples 

If you’re highlighting your impact for a chronological resume, lead with your role, then describe what you did and the results it produced.

General Statements   Impact Statements
As a business associate, I developed and
delivered strategy presentations to many teams.
Group 592.png As an effective business associate, I developed
and delivered monthly strategy presentations,
aligning over 20 national teams to our annual
As a sales manager, I led a team and increased
sales results over time.
Group 592.png As an experienced sales manager, I motivated a diverse team through positive reinforcement and ongoing communication/feedback to increase our quarter-over-quarter sales results by 150%.


Skills-based impact statement examples

If you’re highlighting your impact in a skills-based resume, lead with a verb, and then what skills you used, followed by the associated results. Be sure to leverage both paid and unpaid work along with academic or life experience.


General Statements   Impact Statements
Volunteered on the Silent Auction committee for a local fundraiser, and gathered donations to raise money. Group 592.png Led the Silent Auction committee for a local
charity fundraiser. Effectively leveraged the
networks of the board and managed these
relationships to compile over 20 items for the
auction, raising $5,500.
Developed a social media strategy as coursework and received top marks. Group 592.png Created and presented a social media strategy to a large company as part of my university
coursework: received positive feedback from
company executives, and several of the
recommendations have been implemented.


Using your impact statements Group 389.png

Don’t forget to take time to review your statement and proofread it. Ask yourself:

  1. Does it accurately represent my achievement?
  2. Did I quantify my impact?
  3. Did I spell all the words correctly?

Now that you have successfully learned how to create impact statements, add your statements to written pieces, such as your professional profile, resumes and cover letters. Good luck!

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