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Doing Research on Your Next Company

Becky L
Becky L
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Whether you’re getting ready for an interview or developing a prospect list, prepare well
and learn about the organizations you’re considering. Below is a list of items that you
should look into as you research your target list of employers. If you haven’t created your
list of target companies yet, there's no better time than the present to get started.


General Company Information:

Group 570.png What is the company’s mission statement, core values, and strategy? This can typically be found on the ‘About Us’ page and/or investor relations.
Group 570.png Who are the key members of their leadership team (e.g. C-suite, Board, Founders, Minister/Deputy Minister, head of the group you’re applying to, etc.)?
Group 570.png What sector is the company in (public, private, government, non-profit, other)?
Group 570.png Where is this organization located? Where are their headquarters and satellite office?
Group 570.png Research the latest news of relevance/importance (e.g. are they going public?) – search online and check out the company’s media or newsroom page, if available.


Company’s Business Model:

Group 570.png What are the key products/services the organization delivers?
Group 570.png Who are their key competitors and how does the company differentiate?
Group 570.png Who are their key partners and how do they collaborate?


Industry Trends:

Group 570.png Which industry is this organization in?
Group 570.png What are the general trends in this industry? Is it growing or declining, and by how much?


Company Culture:

Group 570.png How do they define their workplace culture?
Group 570.png What might this work environment be like? Consider scanning for information and employee feedback on the company.


Now that you know more about the company, take some time to reflect on whether this aligns with your desired career path. Questions to ask yourself include:


Group 570.pngOn a scale of 1-5, does the company’s mission and core values align with your career plan?
Group 570.pngHow do you think the role(s) you’re interested in enable the core business strategy/goals of the organization?
Group 570.pngDoes the location(s) of the company align with your personal plans?
Group 570.pngOn a scale of 1-5, how motivated are you to work for this organization?


If you’re very motivated to work at a company, check your network and see if you know anyone who works there, using your connections from your 10KC program too! You can also scan your alumni from your school who work there. Reach out to your connections for coffee chats and ask them about their experience with the company. 

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