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Create Your Career Vision

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Creating a career vision requires some thought and reflection on what it is that is important to you, aligns with your goals and ignites your passions. Answer the questions below on a piece of paper or on your computer to help paint a clearer picture of your future career. At the end of this article, with the answers to your questions, you will be able to build a career vision statement that will act as your guiding star.


1. How will you be known?

2. What kind of professional will you be?

3. In what industry will you thrive?

4. What are your top two requirements for an ideal working environment?

5. How will you make your mark?

6. Who or what will you affect?

7. What personal goals are most important to you?



Career vision example Group 517.png

Your career visionGroup 517.png

As a passionate and innovative entrepreneur in the technology industry, I will work in collaborative and engaging environments to lead teams in order to impact consumers' lives. My career will allow me to travel frequently and own a vacation home.   



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