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Employer Target List

Elan Schwartz
Elan Schwartz
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An employer target list is a list of organizations that you’d love to work for. This list should be the starting point in your job search, as it helps you streamline your networking efforts and target job opportunities which best fit your interests and professional career path.  



As you build your employer target list, be sure to consider the following: 

  • Your target list should include at least 15 organizations, ranging from large to small companies. It’s important to cast your net wide, especially at the start of your job search, so that you can track job opportunities as they arise. 
  • The target list should be organized in order of how much you want to work at each organization, with the organizations you want to work for the most listed at the top.  
  • If you need help expanding your target list, Glassdoor, Forbes and Fortune are great resources with a variety of “best companies to work for” lists. Read through the descriptions of each company, and pick the ones that align most with your interests. 
  • Browse professional networking sites and chat with your network. Your contacts can provide you with valuable insight into a company’s culture, and it could even lead to a referral! 

Remember, your target list is meant to be a starting point. Your target list can also change as you progress through your job search. As you research companies and networks, your view of a company may change and the employer can move up or down your list. Keep an open mind as you search for the right fit.


Here is an example below of how you can structure your target list. 

Company 1 Company 6 Company 11
Company 2 Company 7 Company 12
Company 3 Company 8 Company 13
Company 4 Company 9 Company 14
Company 5 Company 10 Company 15

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