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How many jobs should I be applying to online?  

  • While it can feel easy and productive at the time, we strongly encourage you to not SOLELY rely on online applications. 
  • Over 85% of jobs are found through networking, not through online search and application... so balance your time accordingly. Try to network with companies you’re interested in even when no jobs are available.
  • Feeling stuck on what jobs to apply to? Find different types of roles that align with the experience and expertise you need to build. 

Should I adapt my resume?

  • YES. Remember that a lot of organizations use an automated system to scan your resume for keywords (called Applicant Tracking Systems), which scans your resume for keywords long before it ever gets into the hands of HR.
  • Adapt the language and skills highlighted in your resume to match the job requirements (while still being truthful and authentic)


Can I apply for a job where I don’t meet all the requirements?

  • The short answer is yes. Often requirements are more of a “wishlist” for employers, so if you’re missing a few items you should still apply. Adapt your resume to show as many of the requirements as possible (while being truthful).
  • Making up for lack of specific experience is where networking often helps. Referrals into companies help build a sense of trust for the hiring manager and they’re probably more likely to invest in your development if someone they know has suggested you have fantastic potential.
  • If you find you’re consistently missing a requirement in jobs you’re interested in, think about other jobs or volunteering experience where you could gain what’s required.


Feel free to copy the table below into a document. This sheet will help you keep track of all the jobs you're applying to. I put important dates and information to stay on top of your job search.

  Option 1 Option 2 Option 3 Option 4 Option 5

Job Title


Company Name


Posting number/reference


Link to the job posting


Date Applied


Closing Date


The version of your Resume Submitted


Additional notes, follow-up actions


Interview Scheduled? (Y/N)


Recruiter Name


Recruiter Contact


Hiring Manager Name


Hiring Manager Contact


Interview Date 


Interview Next Steps


If no offer - requested feedback? (Y/N)


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