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Use 10KC to facilitate in-person connections

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Want to leverage your 10KC hub to facilitate in-person meet-ups and promote Return-to-Office (RTO) for your members? Here are some easy yet impactful ways to configure your hub to drive in-person connections. 

First things first, make sure you're sharing the right data with 10KC 

In order to facilitate in-person opportunities through your 10KC program, you need to identify what location your members are in. We recommend sharing members’ ‘Office’, 'Location' or ‘City’ to capture a member’s specific physical location. This will ensure you can match people and target communications to members based on their location. 

1️⃣ Check your Hub to see if you're already sharing location details. Simply go to Members > Filter Members.

2️⃣ If location information doesn't appear, check out this article to learn more about how to add it.

Facilitate in-person connections through smart-match rules

Automatically pair members who are near each other! 10KC's matching criteria can be set up to match people based on their physical location to encourage in-person meet-ups. 

1️⃣ To change your matching rules, reach out to

Encourage members to meet in-person 

Embed helpful reminders throughout your Program to prompt members to consider an in-person connection.

You can do this through Introductions Conversation Starters or targeting Office Hours to people that are in the same location. 

1️⃣ To change your Introductions Conversation starter to prompt people to meet in-person, go to Introductions > Configurations and update the suggested topic at the bottom of the page. 

2️⃣ To create an in-person Office Hour, simply select "Meet in Person" when selecting the location and add room details. Then use 10KC Profile Attributes to target your Office Hour based on location. Check out these instructions on creating Office Hours

Communicate in-person connections as part of your Program Vision 

Leverage 10KC's in-tool communications to share your key program information, including why your program exists and why it matters. 

On your Welcome Page or in your Hub Description, share the organization's vision for Return to Office, promote in-person connections, and remind them why it's beneficial to meet in-person. 

1️⃣ To edit your Welcome Page, go to Hub Settings > Edit Welcome page. 

2️⃣ To edit your Hub Description, go to Hub Settings.

Measure and share the impact of in-person connections

Use 10KC's feedback surveys to capture whether members met in person, and then view and share their success stories! 

Add a question to your Introductions, Development Program or Office Hour surveys to capture whether a connection took place virtually or in-person. Use 10KC reporting to view compliments and feedback from the in-person connections, and consider featuring the connection as a Program Success Story!

1️⃣ To change your feedback questions, reach out to

2️⃣ To view feedback responses, check out your Data Dashboard

Leverage your 10KC CSM to strategize how 10KC can support your RTO initiative

Your 10KC CSM can help you plan changes to your Program to help you promote in-person connections and drive your RTO initiatives.

✉️ Reach out to your 10KC CSM, or email, to schedule a meeting! 

❓ Have questions or need help? Reach out to

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