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What is a tenant vs a hub?

Alexandra P
Alexandra P
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What is a tenant?

A tenant represents an individual instance or site on Ten Thousand Coffees that has its own domain. It gives an organization, community, or group its own dedicated space and settings within the platform.

What is a hub?

A hub is a sub-group within a tenant. It’s a distinct community that’s nested within the tenant that has a unique configuration, including roles, custom segments, interests and goals. Each hub has a separate member directory, email communications, available programming and data dashboard. Members can join multiple hubs, allowing for connections with specific communities for members who meet the joining criteria.

Most organizations have 1 tenant and 1 hub.

When should I create a separate hub?

The number of hubs you can create is outlined in your contract with Ten Thousand Coffees. The use case for creating multiple hubs can include:

  • Individual lines of business that want to maintain distinct communities, only targeting specific employees
  • Post-secondary institutions that have a central tenant, but want distinct communities by faculty or school
  • Organizations who maintain both internal (connecting employees) and external (connecting employees with prospective hires) communities

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