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Creating and editing the welcome page

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What is the welcome page?

The welcome page is the first page a new member sees after completing registration. The content in the welcome page is also sent via email and instant messaging (if your organization uses a 10KC instant messaging integration via Slack or Teams) to new members after they complete registration. It explains the intent of the Ten Thousand Coffees community, what members can expect by participating and a set of resources to guide members in using the platform.

Best practices for using the welcome page

We provide a best practice template that includes:

  • 10KC “How it works” overview video
  • Why the organization created this community
  • Insights on the programming members will receive, including important dates and frequency they should expect to receive and meet with matches
  • Self-guided resources for success

Members will spend an average of 2 minutes on the welcome page, so if you choose to supplement the existing content, keep it succinct.

How to edit the welcome page

  1. Navigate to Hub settings in the left menu panel > Edit Welcome page


  2. You can toggle the visibility of the Welcome page on or off while you’re editing.

  3. Add a video URL if you like. The example listed is 10KC’s “How it works” video that we encourage you to use. When adding a video URL, it must be an embedded URL or code block. You can also choose to upload a thumbnail to display.

  4. Edit the content and apply any formatting.

  5. When you’re done, click Update to save.

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