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Branding your community: Tenant and hub settings

Alexandra P
Alexandra P
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There are several ways to manage the look & feel of your community, some set at the tenant level and some at the hub level.

2021 10KC Brand Guidelines.svg

Tenant Branding

👤 These Tenant settings are editable by Tenant and Hub Admins

Setting Specs Description Recommendations & Best Practices
Tenant logo Logos should be uploaded in a circular or square format, without borders, Minimum 165 x 165 pixels. All hubs within the tenant will display the same logo. Company or organization logo
Tenant name n/a All hubs within the tenant will display the same tenant name. Company or organization name
Tenant domain n/a All hubs within the tenant will have the same tenant domain, but distinct URLs (eg The tenant domain is named in the tenant settings, the full URL is determined when the hub is created Company or organization name

Hub Branding

👤 These Hub settings are editable by Tenant and Hub Admins 

Hub name Maximum 50 characters. The name of your community that appears in the upper left corner of all pages and emails sent from the hub. Possible hub names include:

[Client] Connects (most popular)
[Client] Thrives
[Client] Collective
[Client] Connections
[Client] Insiders
[Client] Career Connection
[Client] Exchange
[Client] Elevation
[Client] Grows
[Client] Growth Community
Hub description Maximum 240 characters. Description may appear as black or white text to meet accessibility guidelines (WCAG 2.1). A summary of the purpose or activities of the hub. Mentorship:

Welcome to the [Insert company or LOB + Solution Type] Mentorship Community. Mentorship and networking are powerful tools for career growth. Use this program to find a mentor/mentee, learn from leadership, and connect with colleagues.

Welcome to the [Insert company or LOB + Solution Type] Connectivity community. Take charge of your career by building the skills and connections needed to grow. Use this community to exchange ideas, collaborate, and connect with peers and leaders.
Brand color (HEX)   The background color of the hub name, specified using a hexadecimal color code. You can use to find the hex code of your brand color
Cover photo Ratio: 4:1, minimum height of 165 pixels, file format: jpeg or pdf, maximum file size: 5MB. An image that appears above the hub name.  

How to edit tenant branding & appearance

If you’re a tenant-level admin, you can manage tenant branding & appearance, tenant name, domain and tenant logo by clicking Admin (in the top right corner) > Tenant Settings > General Settings.


How to edit hub branding & appearance

Tenant and hub level admins can edit the hub appearance section, which consists of the hub name, description, brand color (HEX) and cover photo. To edit your hub appearance, click on Hub Settings > Hub appearance.


If you do not have tenant admin privileges or access, please reach out to 10KC Support or your CSM. 

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