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Launching 10KC: Pre-launch communications

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What are pre-launch communications?

Pre-launch communications are off-platform emails sent by key leaders and stakeholders that notify and create excitement with participants regarding the upcoming launch of the community. They emails also serve as a way to get users to understand the value of participating in the Ten Thousand Coffees community, warming them up before they receive their invitation.

They’re crucial as it may be the first time prospective participants hear about the program, so the messaging should clearly present the value of participating.

We recommend sending two sets of pre-launch communications:

  1. To executives & leaders approximately 10 days before launch
  2. To all eligible members approximately 4 days before launch

Who should send pre-launch communications?

These communications should be sent by key leaders and stakeholders, as their influence can drive participation. An example is an email from the executive sponsor of the program, sent to invited members to prepare them for the official invitation.

Templates for pre-launch communications

Below are some templates you can use for pre-launch communications, by audience. The copy includes sections where you can tailor the communications to resonate with your organization.


Templates for connectivity communities

Audience Sr. Leaders & Executives - Pre-launch
Subject Advance Information for Leaders: Launch of [Hub Name]
Body copy

Hi {{First Name}},

We’re launching [Hub Name], a new networking hub to help foster connections between senior leaders and employees, across the organization, powered by 10KC. The initiative is a community focused on [Enter 1-3 top business objectives for this program], allowing colleagues to connect across [Insert business unit] to build relationships, share ideas and expand their networks.

Participants will also have access to Leader-led events called Office Hours - an interactive space where leaders can scale the reach of their impact and influence by sharing existing strategies and leadership objectives, providing learning and development opportunities or simply facilitating inclusive conversations. As a senior leader within [Department Name], your support can directly impact the success of the program.


When you sign up for networking and encourage your teams to join the community, you’ll be supporting talent development, learning and growth, while increasing your impact and influence across the organization.


Learn more about how it works in the attached overview, and if you have questions, reach out to [Program Admin].


The [Hub Name] will be rolling out on [Date]. Look out for your invitation to join [Hub Name] by [Date] and set up your profile.


You’ll be smart-matched to talent who are aligned with your skill set and interests, opening up more opportunities to connect and build your network, while supporting talent development across [Company Name].


We are looking forward to bringing this program to life and appreciate your support!


Audience General for Intros + OH - Pre-launch
Subject Introducing the [Hub Name]!
Body copy

Hi {{First Name}},

We’re launching [Hub Name], a new networking hub to empower your career growth and development, while expanding your relationships at [Company Name], powered by 10KC.

Through [Hub Name] you’ll be able to network with colleagues across [Insert business unit] to exchange ideas, build meaningful connections, share experiences and support each other in reaching your career goals.


You’ll also have access to Leader-led events called Office Hours - interactive and inclusive spaces to learn from leaders about their career, strategic objectives, and connect on a personal level.


Stay tuned for your invitation to [Hub Name]! Learn more about how it works in the attached overview.


The program will launch across [Department Name] on [Program Launch Date]. We’re excited to have you involved as we build this community together!


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