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10KC Welcome Package

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We are so excited to welcome you to the 10KC Community! We’ve created this Welcome Package to prepare you for your upcoming Program implementation. There are just a few things for you to review and understand before we get started. 

Setting the Stage

At 10KC, we know what we’re doing and we’re here to help. Here are some things to keep in mind as you implement your 10KC Program. 

  • Every decision starts with a recommendation. We have tried and true best practices to help you develop and roll-out a highly effective Program. 
  • We make it as easy as possible. We have templates and quick-start guides to minimize your effort and maximize adoption.
  • We meet your members where they work. 10KC integrations allow your Program to come directly into member inboxes. 

Whether you’re looking for an easy-to-use out-of-the-box Program, or you have specific Program requirements you want to scale with 10KC, we’ll work with you throughout the implementation to make it as simple as possible. 

Your Team

The first piece to a successful and efficient implementation is having the right team members involved. You’ll meet your 10KC Customer Success team shortly. In the meantime, it’s important you start thinking about who can help you on your side

Below is a list of roles 10KC recommends including in your implementation, along with expected effort during the implementation. 

Note: Depending on the size of your team, one person may fill multiple roles, or multiple people might fill one role. 

Role Responsibilities

Expected Effort* 

(during 8 week implementation) 

Executive Sponsor

  • Set the Program Strategy

  • Approve the holistic Program 

  • Act as the voice of the Program at Launch Events

  • Attend post-launch Business Reviews 

  • Recruit Champions

3 - 5 hours

Program Manager(s)

  • Finalize the holistic Program, aligned with your Program Strategy

  • Confirm project scope and timelines

  • Manage the Program post-launch

  • Recruit participants

  • Attend post-launch Business Reviews 

10 - 15 hours

Project Lead (optional)

  • Help keep us on track throughout the Implementation

  • Coordinate your team internally  

10 - 15 hours

Communications & Branding Lead

  • Give the Program a brand and a voice

  • Finalize launch communications

2 - 4 hours

Member Data Lead

  • Provide important member data for launch (e.g. HRIS File)

  • Establish automated transfer of membership data post-launch

2 - 4 hours

IT Lead

  • Set up and test technical integrations

  • Ensure email communications are received by members

2 - 4 hours

* Expected Effort includes meeting commitments and offline work to be completed. This is an estimate of all effort during the Implementation project, including internal change management meetings. 

Implementation Meetings & Milestones

Throughout your implementation, we’ll meet with you once a week for 1 hour, with a different focus area each week and some takeaways for you and your team. Below are the Implementation meetings along with proposed timing and participants. 

Meeting / Milestone Outcomes Stakeholders
Week 1: Kick Off Meeting
  • Meet your 10KC Customer Success (CS) Team
  • Align on Program Purpose, Outcomes and Goals
  • Review & approve Implementation Deliverables and Scope
  • Review & approve high level timelines
  • Confirm Project Team
  • Executive Sponsor
  • Program Manager
  • Project Lead
Week 2: Communications & Planning
  • Communications Launch Plan
  • Site Branding 
  • Pre-Launch and Launch Communications
  • User Profile Information
  • Program Manager
  • Project Lead
  • Communications & Branding Lead
Week 3/4: Program Design
  • Eligibility
  • Matching Criteria
  • Conversation Topics
  • Feedback Surveys
  • Program Manager
  • Project Lead
Week 5: Program Build
  • Site Testing 
  • Pre-Launch Communications
  • Training
  • Program Manager
  • Project Lead
Week 6: Pre-Launch Program Review Meeting 
  • Holistic review of program(s) and approval for launch
  • Prepare for upcoming Launch Communications and Events
  • Share pre-launch Communications 
  • Executive Sponsor
  • Program Manager
  • Project Lead
Week 7: Launch 
  • Share the Program Purpose with members
  • Invite Members to the Community
  • Share the benefits of participating
  • Share expectations of Program participation
  • Share guidance for getting the most out of the program
  • Executive Sponsor
  • Program Manager
  • Project Lead
  • Eligible Participants

If translations are in scope for your Program, + 2 weeks. 


These are the deliverables that each person above will help us deliver. The 10KC Customer Success team will provide easy-to-use packages and best practice recommendations for nearly every decision.

Topic Deliverables Owner 
Program Strategy
  • Program Purpose & Objectives
Executive Sponsor
  • Program Launch Priorities/Sequence
  • Program Eligibility
  • HR Goals
  • Leader Goals
  • Company/Business Unit Goals
Project Team
  • Project Stakeholders
  • Program Launch Schedule
Program Manager
Member Profile Fields
  • Member profile fields and values
  • Interests & Goals
Member Data (e.g. HRIS file)
  • Launch and post-launch member data
Member Data Lead
  • Frequency
  • Conversation Starter
  • Matching Criteria
  • Feedback Survey
Program Manager
Office Hours
  • Office Hours Topics & Hosts
  • Leader & SME Engagement
  • Recurring Office Hours

Executive Sponsor

Program Manager

Program Champions

Development Program
  • Mentor / Mentee Eligibility
  • Program Name & Description
  • Program Schedule
  • Matching Criteria
  • Curriculum 
  • Feedback Surveys
Program Manager
Community Branding
  • Community Name & Description
  • Community Logo & Color
  • Community Cover Photo
  • Community Welcome Page
Communications & Branding Lead
Pre-Launch and Launch Emails
  • Pre-launch communications
  • Invitation email copy
  • Registration reminder copy

Translations (if applicable) 

+ 2 weeks

  • Translate custom content
  • Set Up & Test SSO
IT Lead(s)
Email Delivery
  • Confirm email delivery
Calendar Integration (if applicable) 
  • Set Up & Test Calendar Integration
Messaging Integration (if applicable) 
  • Set Up & Test Messaging Integration


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