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Roles & Responsibilities for Sponsors and Sponsees

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What is Sponsorship?

Sponsorship is an impactful relationship between a Sponsor and Sponsee. The Sponsor actively advocates and opens up opportunities for the Sponsee to advance and guide them in the right career direction. The relationship is built on trust, respect and a shared commitment to professional development.

Why does it matter?

Everyone benefits from sponsorship but some groups need sponsorship more than others. Sponsorship is especially impactful for diverse talent groups because many of these groups have historically been kept out of spaces and roles. Taking an active approach to fostering career advancement is essential to ensure top talent is advancing equitably. 

Expectations of Sponsors and Sponsees:

Sponsors are expected to:

Both are expected to:

Sponsees are expected to:


Advocate for the best interest and career growth of your Sponsee

Present Opportunities

Set the Sponsee up for success by opening doors to new opportunities and making powerful introductions

Increase Visibility

Shine a light on the Sponsees work ethic and accomplishments in order to increase their visibility among leadership


Assure each other that the personal stories and aspirations you share will remain private

Mutual Respect

Value each other’s time, opinions, and advice

Psychological Safety

You both play a role creating an environment where you feel safe and supported to share your opinions and ideas


Embrace the opportunity by putting your best foot forward and emitting confidence

Goal Setting

Take the time to think about the goals you want to achieve and share your expectations with your Sponsor

Network Fiercely

Don't shy away from accepting introductions to new contacts and always follow up

How to get the most out of the opportunity?

1. Open communication: Establish a strong and open line of communication between each other in order to provide tailored support, meaningful guidance and constructive feedback.

2. Mutual respect: Both sponsors and sponsees should lead with respect for each other's time, expertise, and perspectives.

3. Expectation setting: Setting clear and measurable goals is a cornerstone of personal development. Use the Goal Sheet to define and collaborate on realistic goals, track progress, and address any obstacles along the way.

Understanding the roles and responsibilities of both sponsors and sponsees is crucial for fostering a mutually beneficial relationship and unlocking its full potential. Both parties will derive the maximum benefit from the relationship if they communicate regularly, trust the process and each other, and align on expectations.

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