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What’s new: January 2024

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Welcome to the latest from 10KC!

We're thrilled to roll out our latest update. From a personalized support feature to integrations enhancements and bug fixes, this release focuses on making your workflow even more efficient.

Take these updates for a spin, and let us know if they hit the right note or if there's more you'd like to see.

💬 Leave feedback on this month’s release notes for with the product team.

❓ If you have questions about this month’s release, please send a note to product support.

⭐️ New Features


Personalized Support Through Activity Sharing

Imagine if you could ask us to peek over your shoulder (in the least creepy way possible) to see how you’re using your 10KC platform. Well, now we kind of can! Members can choose to share their usage activity to allow 10KC to gather insights into how they interact with the platform. By reconstructing their clicks, scrolls, and navigation paths, we can provide tailored support, identify and resolve bugs faster, and proactively improve the usability of the platform. We do this while preserving member privacy. Read more.

✅ Updates & Bug Fixes

Development Programs

  • Fixed: Non-functional "Manage development programs" page links.
  • Fixed: Survey visibility issues, ensuring mentors and mentees view relevant surveys only.
  • Fixed: Ability for users to skip non-mandatory survey questions.
  • Fixed: Survey results now accurately reflect the number of responses.


  • New: Support for tracking email open rates at the hub level for more detailed analytics. Reach out to your CSM for more.

Office Hours

  • Fixed: Issue allowing the publication of Office Hours with invalid email addresses.
  • Fixed: Publication failure of Office Hours if invited participants lacked a 10KC account.


  • Single-Sign On. Fixed: Strengthened security by preventing uninvited users from signing up via SSO through a forwarded invite link.

  • Microsoft Teams. Fixed: Ensured the "complete" status is accurately marked for the progress summary step in Development Programs.

  • SFTP. New: Enhanced flexibility by allowing HRIS file processing for specific hubs within a tenant.

  • Outlook. Fixed: Users can now easily reconnect their calendar when the access token becomes invalid.

  • Profile Sync Manager. Fixed: Addressed a data mapping bug and enhanced clarity with updated on-screen copy.

  • 10KC API. New: Added ability to create API keys for exporting data.


  • Welcome Page. Fixed: Issue with editing certain video URLs once added. Now, changing URLs is as easy as changing your mind about going to the gym on a Friday night.
  • Tenant dashboard. New: Tenant admins can download tenant wide dashboard data as a CSV.

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