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How to create and confirm matches

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Learn how to create matches for Development programs using either the algorithm or manual methods. This article guides you through the steps for both approaches.

Create with algorithm

  1. After you have defined the matching criteria (see more details here), head over to the Smart-matches tab and click on Create matches.
  2. Click Create with algorithm and choose whether you'd like to create matches for all participants, confirmed participants only (recommended) or specific participants.
  3. Once the desired option is selected, 10KC's smart-matching algorithm will take a few seconds or minutes (depending on the number of participants) to automatically create the matches.

Create Manually

  1. In the Smart-matches tab, select Create matches.
  2. Click on Create manually.
  3. A side drawer will open where you can manually select Participant #1 and Participant #2 for the match.
  4. Click Save changes to create the match.

Locking matches

Once you are satisfied with a batch of matches, you can lock them so their pairings are unaffected by any future changes. This can be done by manually or using the Lock all matches button.

To manually lock a match, click the lock toggle next to the pair. A blue toggle indicates that the match is locked.

Confirming matches

While the matching rules are being set and matches are being created, the development program is in Matching mode. You can see the program's status on the top-right corner of the Smart-matches tab.  

When you are ready to launch the development program, click the Live button. The participants will receive the smart-matching emails once the program is live.

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