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How to add participants in a development program?

Leo C
Leo C
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You can easily add participants while setting up a development program. Head over to the Participants tab and click Add participants button to begin.

demo.10kbeans.com_hub_10kcdemo-community_manage-programs_programs_tab=active(10kc screens) (22).png

There are 3 ways of adding participants:

1. Manually add emails

You can copy and paste participant emails and if you know their roles (mentor or mentee) that can be added beside their emails (as shown below).

demo.10kbeans.com_hub_10kcdemo-community_manage-programs_programs_tab=active(10kc screens) (23).png

2. Upload CSV

Create a CSV with 2 columns for your participants’ emails and roles. Note that your file must have these 2 columns ONLY.

demo.10kbeans.com_hub_10kcdemo-community_manage-programs_programs_tab=active(10kc screens) (24).png

3. Search hub members

You can easily search and identify members by their name, email address or profile segments and add them to the program. Click on the Search button to start.

demo.10kbeans.com_hub_10kcdemo-community_experiences(10kc screens).png

In the next section, you can type in the name or email address to search the member.

demo.10kbeans.com_hub_10kcdemo-community_experiences(10kc screens) (1).png

Or create a filter to automatically search members using their profile segments.

demo.10kbeans.com_hub_10kcdemo-community_experiences(10kc screens) (2).png

Once you are done, click on Apply filters and Continue.


After adding participants by pasting, uploading or searching, click Verify email addresses button to review participants before adding. There are 2 different status that can appear here:

Ready to add Participant is already a member of this Hub. When they receive an invitation, they can immediately join the program.
Need an account

Participant is not a member of this Hub yet. When they receive an invitation, they will be directed through onboarding before they can accept the program invitation.

demo.10kbeans.com_hub_10kcdemo-community_manage-programs_programs_tab=active(10kc screens) (25).png

Afterwards, you can click the Add participants button to confirm. Participants added will have the Invited status.

For participants that are already members of the Hub, you can view their Hub profile, and participant preferences. For participants that are not members of the Hub, they will appear as emails, and you can choose to resend invitations to them if needed.

demo.10kbeans.com_hub_10kcdemo-community_manage-programs_programs_tab=active(10kc screens) (26).png


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