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How to customize a Development Program Survey

Elise V
Elise V
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Note: You will require one of the following Administrator Type accounts to perform these actions: 
  • Tenant Administrator
  • Hub Administrator
  • Development Program Administrator
  • Development Program Manager


Editing an Existing Development Program Survey

  1. Navigate to the Development Program by going to Development Programs in the left navigation Bar > Manage Programs 
  2. Select the Program you want to edit a survey for.
    • Note: your Program may be under the Live or Draft tab
  3. Navigate to Surveys on the left navigation bar of the Development Program Page 
  4. Select the three dots beside the survey you would like to edit, and click Edit 
    • Note: Your survey may be under the Active or Draft tab
  5. Validate the Survey Name and the Survey Type 
    • The Survey Name is only visible to Program Administrators 
    • Survey Types are Standalone/Scheduled or Per Meeting
  6. Click Next
  7. See instructions below to create a question from scratch, create a question using a 10KC template, or edit an existing Question following the instructions below 
  8. Use the six dots beside your questions to re-sort and re-arrange them 
  9. Click Save 
  10. Next steps will be to attach your survey to the Development Program and to add it to your Schedule (Articles Coming Soon! In the meantime, please reach out to your 10KC team for support)

Adding a Development Survey Question to an Existing Survey from scratch

  1. Complete the steps above until you are at Step 7 
  2. Click Add Question 
  3. Choose the Question Type and type your question and response options (if applicable)
  4. Choose whether your question is Required by toggling the Required toggle 
  5. Save 
  6. Return to Step 8 above

Adding a Development Program Survey Question to an existing survey using 10KC's templates 

  1. Complete the steps above until you are at Step 7 
  2. Click the lightning bolt icon beside the question # 
  3. Select your question from 10KC's templates 
  4. Validate the question details 
  5. Save
  6. Return to Step 8 above

Editing an existing Development Program Survey Question

  1. Complete the steps above until you are at Step 7 
  2. Click the pencil icon beside the question you would like to edit
  3. Make required edits
  4. Save
  5. Return to Step 8 above

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