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Pre-Launch Program Review

Elise V
Elise V
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What is it? 

The Pre-Launch Program Review is a milestone meeting during the Launch Readiness phase of a implementing a new (or revamping an existing) 10KC Program. 

What's the Purpose? 

The purpose of a Pre-Launch Program Review meeting is to re-engage Executive Sponsors of the program, prior to launch, to: 

  • Demo the program within the 10KC site to Executive Sponsors 
  • Refresh the Executive Sponsors on the Purpose of the Program and show them the Program we have built and how it will drive organizational and leader objectives 
  • Enable Executive Sponsors to speak about the Program in upcoming pre-launch and launch communications
  • Equip Executive Sponsors with resources to share re: the Program 
  • Request Launch Approval from Executive Sponsors prior to launching the 10KC Program 

What's the Agenda? 

  • Program Demo:
    • Present the 10KC site, including the user registration experience and the program configurations 
    • High level overview of the Program, including eligibility, connection topics (e.g. conversation starters, curriculums, Office Hour topics), Program schedule, feedback questions, etc.)
  • Program Purpose and Objectives:
    • Refresh/realign the team on the purpose and objectives of the Program 
    • Share/discuss KPIs for the Program that will help us drive towards and measure success 
  • Launch Timelines: overview of upcoming milestones, communications and events 
  • Launch Preparedness: 
    • Prepare for upcoming pre-launch and launch communications, including formalizing roles and responsibilities, talk tracks and resources for presentations 
    • See the Launch Presentation Template for more information

Who should join? 

  • Your 10KC team 
  • Program Manager(s) 
  • Executive Sponsor(s)

When does it happen? 

In a standard implementation, the Pre-Launch Program Review meeting takes place after Configuration Finalization, and a minimum of 1 week prior to Launch Day. 

What happens before? 

Prior to the Pre-Launch Program Review:

  • Executive Sponsors should have an awareness of the Program and upcoming milestones (high level) 
  • Programmatic decisions should be finalized (minimum of 1 week prior) 
  • Configurations should be finalized and configured within the 10KC site
  • Agenda and slides for the meeting should be finalized by 10KC and the Program Managers; roles and responsibilities during the meeting should be clearly defined 
  • Launch Plan should be finalized 
  • Clear 'ask' of the Executive Sponsors should be defined; 10KC and Program Managers to be aligned 
  • Resources for the Executive Sponsors to circulate/present should be finalized 

What happens next? 

After the Pre-Launch Program Review meeting: 

  • Complete execution of Pre-Launch Communications plan 
  • Begin executing Launch Communications plan

Questions? Reach out to your 10KC team! 

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