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Client Launch Deck

Elise V
Elise V
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What is it? 

The Client Launch Deck Template is a repository of slides that Program Managers and Executive Sponsors can use to share more information about 10KC Programs to members as part of your Launch Strategy. 

When do I use it? 

The Client Launch Deck resource template includes slides that you can leverage to present your 10KC Program during: 

Why do I use it? 

Use the slides in this resource to: 

  • Bring Program awareness in advance of, at, and post-launch 
  • Communicate to members the Purpose of the Program and why it matters to your organization 
  • Explain to members what the Program is any what the expectations are of participating 
  • Train members on how to participate 
  • Explain high level Program information to members so they understand how the Program works and how to participate

How do I use it? 

Download this resource and adapt it to match the details of your Program. 

To view the resource and it's contents, click here

To download a copy of the resource, click here

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