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Live Translate for Development Program Localization

Anto R
Anto R
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👥 Audience: Hub/Tenant admins

How to Use Live Translate for Development Program Localization


  • Admins create programs in English, and participants view them in their target language
  • Live Translate uses AI for automatic translations, but admins can edit for accuracy
  • Translatable elements: Program name, description, step names, email subjects, and email bodies

Editing Translations

  1. Go to the Development Program tab
  2. Click Manage Programs
  3. Click on the program itself
  4. Click Settings
  5. Locate the Edit Button: Find the "Edit the translations" button 
  6. Open the Translation Editor: Click the "Review Translations" button
  7. Select Language: Choose the language you want to edit translations for
  8. Review AI Translations: Examine the automatic translation provided
  9. Make Edits (If Needed): Modify the translation if it's not accurate or doesn't fit your desired tone
  10. Save Translations: Save your updates

Specific Translation Areas

  • Program Name & Description: Edit these in their primary location and use the "Review Translations" button
  • Schedule (Steps): For each step, find the editing area and use the "Review Translations" button for titles, email subjects, and email bodies
  • Surveys: For each survey, find the editing area and then use "edit the translations" button for survey name and survey questions.

Participant Experience

  1. Inviting Participants: Ensure participants have the correct language set in their profile. Re-invite users after making translation edits so they get the updated content
  2. Translated Emails: Participants receive emails in their language, using either the AI-generated or your edited translations
  3. Viewing the Program: Participants see the development program interface in their language for the parts you've translated (program name, descriptions, steps)

Important notes when editing translations

  1. The translations admins edit correspond to the original content. It is a 1:1 link of <original content -> translated content> So if the original content changes after translations were modified, for even a single space or character change, the system will assume it is missing a translation and will auto translate the item and not use the admin's provided translation. So always modify or fix translations as the last step and always review translations after any change.
  2. Invitations and matchmaking emails have variables in them that admins can add. The system will know to not auto translate these variables, but some custom segment variables like @User1-locationsegment-123 may be accidentally be AI translated. Please double check the edit translation window when variables are added to ensure the variables remain the same between original content (english) and other languages.

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