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Office Hours Host Email Notifications: Timing and content

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Notifications in Office Hours are more than alerts — they guide hosts. They ensure hosts are informed, prepared, and excited for a great experience. Below, we’ve provided an overview of all major notifications received by hosts.

Before the event

Immediately after event is published or approved

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  • Hosts receive a "You're scheduled!" email the moment their Office Hour is published or approved on the platform. This email is the first step to prepare hosts for a successful hosting experience.
  • The email includes the session’s specifics — time, title, and date.
  • It also comes with a few practical links:
    • Add to calendar links for easy calendar syncing Google, Outlook, Office 365
    • A direct link to view the Office Hour event page. On the event page, hosts can see who's signed up and their questions, helping them personalize the session.
  • Finally, we also share quick tips for a successful chat, a link to a one-page conversation guide for those who want to go deeper in creating an engaging and effective conversation, and answers to frequently asked questions.

1 week before: First prep email

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  • A week before the event, we send a prep email. This email is about giving hosts all the pieces to construct a memorable event that resonates with their audience.
  • This email comes with an attachment, listing who's coming and their questions, giving hosts a clear picture of their audience. Hosts use the list to personalize their approach and to tailor the session to the participants' interests.

72 hours before: Last prep email

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  • Three days out from your Office Hour, you'll receive the final prep email, a concise prompt to finalize your session. This is the last cue for hosts to polish the agenda and ensure they're ready to make their event as valuable as possible. This email:
    • Confirms the event is close, reiterating the date and time for one last check.
    • Includes an updated attendee list with their questions so hosts can tailor the discussion and know who they’ll be engaging with.

If the event’s registration type is “Select from Registration List”

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  • Hosts receive a reminder email 72 hours before the event to manually approve participants who’ve requested to join their their Office Hour.

After the event

Immediately after: Host feedback survey

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  • Once the Office Hour concludes, hosts are sent a quick thanks from the platform.
  • The email facilitates ongoing involvement by presenting hosts with straightforward options to either repeat their successful session or submit a new event.
  • This notification is crafted to capture their feedback for future improvements, and maintain their active role in the Office Hour program.
  • Hosts that choose to give feedback are prompted to complete a short survey to share their insights, as well as leave a thank you note for participants which will be shared with them:

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72 hours after: Summary of participant feedback

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  • Hosts are given a moment to reflect on their success. They receive feedback from attendees to highlight the session's effectiveness and encourage the host to continue making a difference.
  • We also share insights, take-aways, and notes of gratitude from up to three participants. Hosts can also choose to read all feedback.
  • Finally, we encourage hosts to consider hosting again. The email provides options to repeat the event or to start planning a new one, with convenient links to facilitate this decision.

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