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What's new: March 2024

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Welcome to the latest from 10KC!

This month's updates make it easier to grow your community through Office Hours, get instant feedback from Development Programs, and boost program participation with bulk invitations.

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⭐️ Product highlights for March

⭐️ What's new for Office Hours

Grow a stronger community with enhanced feedback system.

Our improved feedback process is tailored to support stronger connections and professional growth after every Office Hour.

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  • Prompt for host feedback. Hosts can now provide post-event feedback through a focused survey, offering admins valuable insights for future event planning.
  • Show appreciation easily with a thank you note. Hosts can leave a note to their group after the event, which we'll deliver two days later. Participants in turn can share feedback that we'll send to the host three days after the event
  • Effortless event planning. After viewing participant feedback, hosts can now easily propose to repeat successful events or new events. This ensures your program has events participants will love and eliminates the need to manually coordinate events over email.

⭐️ What's new for Development Programs

Understand feedback instantly with Survey Sentiment Score.

Discover positive and negative trends in participant responses with this new feature - so you know where to improve or celebrate your programs.

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Language translations now available.

Participants have access to auto-translated program names, program description, session titles, session emails and feedback surveys. Admins can also easily add or modify the translations.

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⭐️ What's new for Integrations

Even easier invites with Profile Sync Manager.

Send invites to a group of active employees in one go with the suggested list based on your uploaded HRIS file. Boost program participation effortlessly.

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One-click field mapping with Profile Sync Manager.

Align CSV fields with 10KC fields with the click of a button.

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Enhanced access flexibility with support for multiple Single-Sign-On connections. 

Now you can add multiple SSO connections to adapt to your evolving user authentication needs.

Contact product support to set up another SSO connection.

Keep member profiles up-to-date with automatic job title sync. 

If you use our API-based HRIS integration, the platform will do the work for you.

Contact product support to enable this feature.

✅ Small but mighty updates

  • More flexibility for public segments. Customize the member experience by selectively hiding segments or preventing edits when members register. Learn more →
  • Quicker access for new admins. Now, when inviting users, you can immediately designate them as admins for either a development program or a hub. No more waiting for them to claim invites before setting permissions. Learn more →
  • Office Hour events pages for a massive audience. Event pages can now smoothly handle your most popular events with over 6000 participants.
  • More streamlined hub access for non-members. Non-members clicking on Hub join links are now prompted to sign-up, then redirected to their intended page after registration.  


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