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Office Hours Participant Email Notifications: Timing and content

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Participants get gentle nudges that ensure they show up prepared and ready to make the most out of each event.

Before the event

Event confirmed or approved

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  • Invitation: Invited participants receive a "New Office Hour event" email the moment the Office Hour is published or approved on the platform.
  • Session Specifics: The email includes — time, title, date, and video hosting platform.
  • Registration link: Participants can register using the registration link. We also highlight the limited number of spots to create urgency, encouraging prompt responses and commitment to attendance.

Registration approved

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  • Calendar integration: The email confirms the participant's registration and provides an attachment to add the event to their personal calendar. This aids in scheduling and time management, reducing the chances of conflicts or forgetting the event.
  • Option to Cancel Registration: By including a cancellation link, the email encourages participants to free up a spot if they can't attend, which is respectful of the event's limited capacity and others' opportunity to join.
  • Preparation Tips: The email outlines what to expect and how to engage during the session, setting the stage for active participation and a constructive experience.

Reminders: 72 hours, 24 hours, 4 hours, and 15 mins before

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  • Timely Reminders: These emails provide a countdown reminder ('Your event is in 3 days!'), which helps participants keep track of the upcoming events and plan their schedules accordingly.
  • Calendar Prompt: There's a prompt to 'Add the attached event to your calendar if you haven't already!' to avoid missing out, ensuring the event is top-of-mind and reducing the likelihood of double-booking.
  • Cancellation Option: Including a 'Cancel registration' button ensures that if participants' plans change, they can make space for others to join, which is essential for events with limited spots.

After the event

2 hours later: participant feedback

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Feedback email sent after the event serves three purposes:

  • Acknowledgment and Thanks: It thanks participants for attending, making them feel valued and appreciated for their time and engagement.
  • Feedback Collection: The email prompts participants to share insights or stories from the event and to rate the value of the conversation. This feedback is crucial for measuring the event's impact and for continual improvement.
  • Follow-Up Engagement: Encouraging feedback keeps the conversation going even after the event has ended and helps build a relationship between the host and the attendees.

2 days later: feedback reminder

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  • Enhanced Feedback Rates: Sending a feedback reminder to participants increases the likelihood of collecting valuable insights, as it provides a second opportunity for those who may have missed the first feedback prompt.

2 days later: Feedback reminder if the host left a thank you note

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  • Community Building and Engagement: Sharing a host's thank you note in the feedback reminder helps cultivate a sense of belonging and shared purpose, which not only strengthens community bonds but also positively influences participants to reciprocate with detailed feedback, thereby boosting response rates and engagement.

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