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👤 This article is for you are a Program Manager about to embark upon the 10KC Jumpstart Journey and want to learn more. 

What is Jumpstart?

Jumpstart is 10KC's quickest and easiest way to get a 10KC Program up and running while leveraging all of 10KC's Best Practices. The Jumpstart Guide will take you through all of the steps to design, build and launch your 10KC Program. 

While Jumpstart is a self-guided journey, 10KC is here to help every step of the way. 

What's the Jumpstart Guide? 

The Jumpstart Guide will take you through 3 easy Phases to set you up to launch your 10KC Program in as little as 2 weeks: 

  • Phase 1: Get Ready 
  • Phase 2: Design your Program 
  • Phase 3: Launch

Each Phase consists of Learning Modules that will take you through the steps of designing and configuring your 10KC site. 

The Jumpstart Phases

Phase 1: Get Ready 

  1. Confirm your 10KC Features and Use Cases
  2. Get your team ready 
  3. Confirm your Program Why and Who

Phase 2: Design your Program 

  1. Design your Member Data
  2. Design your Community
  3. Design your Communications Strategy
  4. Design your Development Program 
  5. Design your Networking Introductions 
  6. Design your Office Hours

Phase 3: Launch

  1. Send Invites 
  2. Generate Matches 
  3. Launch Office Hours


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